Eulos.eu was formed in June 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania, very quickly followed by EuLoS.eu Ltd which was formed in 2009 to serve our UK based Clients.  The company’s aim is to provide solutions to the Finished Vehicle Logistics Industry across Europe. The owners of the company have over 20 years experience working in this sector, covering all aspects of the business including:

  • Vehicle Distribution throughout Europe as well as into Russia for a number of OEM’s.
  • Vehicle Repatriation from any point in Europe to the vehicle owner’s home country.
  • Planning & Management of Storage and Handling facilities for several OEM’s.
  • Technical intervention such as PDI & Vehicle refurbishment for leasing, rental and fleet customers.

We feel our experiences allow us to offer our customers the comfort of knowing they are dealing an experienced team whilst receiving the care and attention that only a smaller team can offer.

Scania Transporters of the the EuLoS UK Fleet
Scania Transporters of the the EuLoS UK Fleet